eCatalogues – An Overview

eCatalogues (or eCats) are similar to traditional online stores, in that they provide a web-based, searchable catalogue with product information such as product code, description, price, units and lead time.

Where they differ is that instead of paying for items with a credit card, the order data is exchanged with the customer’s procurement systems so that the order is automatically transmitted through the usual procurement channels.

This can save a delay of several days while paperwork is handled manually, which can be critical to the end customer. Therefore vendors which can trade through an eCatalogue have a clear commercial advantage.

Many eCatalogues employ SAP’s Open Catalogue Interface to structure the transfer of data between the catalogue and procurement systems, but this can also be achieved with many other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products.

Mechanomics specialise in creating eCatalogues that fit perfectly around a vendors product offering, making it easy to find and organise the products for optimum ease of use. We also work closely with clients to integrate our eCats for rock solid performance and security.